Spiff's MPO goes to Cozumel!

What an adventure!  We stayed at the SABOR resort.  The staff was incredible, the food excellent, and
the facilities stunningly beautiful.  Getting up the images I promised first!  Working on the batch, so
stay tuned!  Be sure to check out the YouTube video of Miguel Amnesia!  He is a fantastic
house / trance DJ and vinyl collector with whom I spent hours talking about old school scene.

HOLA DIRTY DOZEN, Ohana, Bob Marly's, Judah, Tomas, Rodrigo, Fernando, Miguel, Nico, Mario,
Elmer, Luis, Room Service, Los Nochez, Ron and family from Nova Scotia, Bob E., and everyone who
made Drakonfly and I feel so at home!
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Spiff's MPO is proud to announce the acquisition of a Fuji Real3D W3 camera.  Be sure to
watch for new image galleries using this camera in the near future.  I will still be formatting
the images for the 3DS screen as before, but the clarity of the images will be greatly
improved over those taken with the internal camera.  I am very excited about this development
and look forward to providing stunning 3D imagery the like previously unseen.
Leading the way in 3D image processing and presentation.
Introducing 3DS HD!
$3.50 3D viewer!
This plastic Stereo Card Viewer (Lorgnette)
allows for viewing of printed stereocards
available on this site.
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Welcome to Spiff's MPO!
I am making this space to share some of MPO files used with my Nintendo 3DS.  Some I
have taken, Some I have drawn with Blender, others have been compiled from left-right
stereographic images.  So far this site will be dedicated to the amazing 3D screen found on
the Nintendo 3DS, but i am excited to try other displays using the MPO file format.  I am
pleased that this website works perfectly with the web browser on the Nintendo 3DS.  Just
search for "Spiff's MPO" and you will find it.  The images will display in 3D mode, and you can
download them to your SD card for later viewing with the 3D camera!

Please refer to Services page for a description of our capabilities.
Prism Glasses
These glasses allow for stereo
viewing of the YouTube 3D videos
found on this site in FULL COLOR!
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FUJI Finepix
A great 3D snap shooter.  Loaded
with features to make sure you get the
shot.  All 3DS HD and HD MPO files
on this site were shot with this
camera.  3D YouTube videos were
also made using the W3 and
supplied editing software.
Cool 3D viewers at Berezin.com

Tried one out and it works great for
viewing all site content.  Thanks
Zac Slade for donating this
very cool phone to Spiff's MPO!
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Spiff's MPO Summer 2011 update!
The Northwest Arkansas electronic music scene is in full swing preparing to welcome the University of
Arkansas 2012 students.  Since the last update, we have attended two Olive shows,  NWA Dubstep First
Anniversary Celebration, the first edition of Fusion.  Some new images will also be added to some of older
pages so please look around.  

Spiffmpo.com supports the Nintendo 3DS, HTC EVO 3D, YouTube 3D, Fuji 3D products, and many other 3D
devices.  Please try the images contained within on products not listed.  Contact us with any problems or
successes with unlisted products.  With the rapid release of 3D screens, it's hard to keep up as vigilant as we
may be.
I recently experimented with "Image Master Photo".  This system uses
Stereographic Orthographic images to produce a 3D model of the subject
on any scale.  I gained a good understanding of the software process as
well as the photography.  Interoccular Images assisted me in collecting a
series of images.  These images were registered to targets which had
been precisely measured using a Nikon total station.  The results of two
sessions yielded impressive results.    Photography intensive, this new
form of photogrammetry is both challenging and impressive.
Real 3D prints!
Any "HD MPO" files on this site can be uploaded here to
print them in 3D! Costs around $7.00 per print. Choose
"Prints and Posters", then Order 3D prints
3D Video!
3D Video!
This website allows
you to create
Viewmaster like
reels from MPO
DJ Spiff top 10 lists here!
Spiff's MPO has finished processing images of Glitchcon 2014 in Springdale,
Arkansas.  For more information, go to www.glitchcon.com!
DJ Spiff's 2014 mix!