Services We Provide
Bulk conversion is available.  Contact: for more information.

Cropping, framing, and otherwise resizing is usually required and available including zooms.  
All processing handled in a secure discrete fashion.  If you wish to post a few samples on this
site from the job, i would appreciate it, but is not necessary.
2-way Conversion of .MPO and Left-Right stereographic images.
Cropping, Framing, Zooming.
3D terrain modeling using Terramodel, and other 3D modeling.
Custom 3D backgrounds, titles, and effects may be applied to existing images.
3D digital brochures.
High definition 3D photography using the new Fuji Real3D W3 camera!
Convenient 3D imagery is here!

Spiff's MPO is a company specializing in the MPO 3D image file.  We offer secure conversion
services for existing 3d image types such as left-right stereographs.
3D image processing for you.

With the MPO file, Architects, Engineers, and other design professionals can now provide true
3D renderings to clients conveniently.  Consultation is available for developing methods to
allow your company to create left/right images for processing.

Theme parks, museums, municipalities, and other tourist destinations may provide their
patrons with image packs for 3DS.  These packs could produce revenue and interest in
products and services.   Tour homes, stage shows, and other places where photography is not
allowed will now be able to sell or otherwise provide beautiful 3D images of their choice.

3Dream away!