New mix from DJ Spiff!
       Introducing Spiff's first DJ mix in years:  "100 Minutes from
the Future"!  Breaking the chains of the 74 minute CD format, this
SD release features 100 minutes of the freshest dance sounds
the future has to offer.  

  This album is for promotional use only.  A complete track listing
and liner notes may be found in place of lyrics in the MP3 tag.  
Aside from the songs featured, the artists and lables included
represent a rapidly developing musical subculture.  Please
support these artists by purchasing these songs if you enjoy them.

Track 1: I Can Be (Diamond Lights Remix) - Intueri - I Can Be EP
Track 2: Brainstorm (Original Mix) - NiQW - Future House EP
Track 3: Name On It (Original Mix) - Jade Marie - Name On It
Track 4: The End (Original Mix) - DANK - Looking Good EP
Track 5: Make A Muv (Original Mix) - Drop Dopers - Amsterdam 2014 ADE Sampler
Track 6: On Me (Original Mix) - Copy & Paste - On Me
Track 7: Rogue State - WATSN - PH 45
Track 8: Club Attention - D' Luxe Phoenix - Club Attention
Track 9: Viper (Original Mix) - Don Marco - Voyage
Track 10: In Too Deep (Original Mix) - TRILL ZILLA - In Too Deep
Track 11: Do The Dog - Stupid Fresh - Do The Dog
Track 12: I Got The Power (Original Mix) - Remco Geerts - I Got The Power
Track 13: Like It Raw Mightyfools Remix (Mightyfools Remix) - Rico Tubbs - Like It Raw Remixes
Track 14: High Time - Stan Castillo - Organic Machine
Track 15: Like This (Original Mix) - Sergio Gress - Like This
Track 16: Musicola (Original Mix) - Mataus & Andy P - Feel So High EP
Track 17: Your Life - Max Olsen & Alex Berrimor - Your Life
Track 18: Be There (Original Mix) - NOEF - Be There
Track 19: Girl (Original Mix) - Le Youth - Girl
Track 20: Treat Me Like (Original Mix) - Matt Thomas - Treat Me Like
Track 21: Overdose (Original Mix) - Jamie Redknapp - Overdose
Track 22: Thirsty (Original Mix) - The Squatters - Thirsty Nudge
Track 23: Take It Deep (Original Mix) - Jason B - The Take EP
Track 24: Majestic (Original Mix) - Hameem - Majestic

  "100 Minutes From the Future" is the first DJ mix released by Spiff
in many years.  I have always taken great care to try to create a CD experience
with my past releases.  Rolling with the times, I have decided on an "SD Card"
release.  A new 100 minute format hearkens to the times of the 90 minute cassettes
of the 90's.  
  The music contained within is the result of two good hauls from my favorite
online music store.  I have been following the styles known as "UK Funky" and "Future
Garage" for several years.  I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.  The work
of the amazing artists appearing within serve to scratch the surface of a fresh and
populated music scene.  These trailblazers have truly answered the question "Where
do we go from here?".  

  Recorded late December 2014 using a pair of Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus
decks with dimly lit sync buttons.  Combined on a Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus and
recorded into Ableton Live 8 through a Native Instruments Audio8 DJ.
Download 100 Minutes from the Future!