About Our Business
Spiff's MPO began in May of 2011 in Northwest Arkansas as a place to share MPO files.  I will
be posting some of my favorite images in the .MPO file format.  These files may be used with
the Nintendo 3DS system as well as some other existing and future display products.  Although
in the beginning we will be focusing on the 3DS, additional resolutions will be available as
conversions are confirmed and content becomes available.

3D screens are swiftly becoming a part of our lives.  With this website, a new opportunity exists
to share these images.  Spiff's MPO also focuses on the manipulation of these files.  From bulk
processing of existing imagery, to custom 3D objects, advanced processing of these files will
be a focus of this group.

As a startup, I will be learning with you, but I am sure the images provided on this site will be
enjoyable.  Stay tuned, and take great pictures!