June 8, 2012
1) "Crunk Junkee" (Blunt Instrument Remix)
by Love and Light
2) "I'm Home" by Griz
3) "Looking Good" by Great Scott
4) "All Together Now" by Like Mandala
5) "Ghouls" by Tha New Team
6) "Eush"" by Vent
7) "War Cod" by Opiuo & Ill-Esha
8) "Grimewatch" by Cursor Miner
9) "Grinder" by Ill Gates & Masia One
10) "Neeow" by Tumble
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DJ Spiff's Top 10 List!
For years, Addictech had been my
favorite place to buy music.  I
always know that when I have a big
set coming up, I'll be able to find
just the right tracks.  Their
extensive selection is very well
organized to make finding the
perfect selection a breeze.

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All Time (some vinyl only)

1) "Ultra Disco Breaks" by Culture Cruncher
2) "Grimewatch" by Cursor Miner
3) "Spewis vs Ghidora" by Spewis
4) "Try To Work It Out" by Si Begg
5) "Vibrate to This" by Slyde
6) "Crush" by Mik Izif
7) "Forensic Lick" by Opiuo
8) "Git on up" by Crystal Distortion
9) "Paradox" by NUMBJAC
10) "Feel About You (Zulu Mix)" by Wickaman
June 1, 2012
1) "Yup Yup" by The New Team
feat. Maya & Aya Panda
2) "Twitch" by Blunt Instrument
3) "Good 7 Gone" by K Theory
4) "Biz Electro" by Metzo & Soulfix
5) "6 or 9 (Bass Freq Remix)" by The Drop
6) "Pantest" by Circuit Bent
7) "Caught Twisted" by Wrexx
8) "Shakin' Heathens" by Cursor Miner
9) "Paradox" by NUMBJAC
10) "Echoic Memories" by Aphonic
June 15, 2012
1) "Flavorythm" by DCarls
2) "Curbstomper" by Subvert
3) "Best Foot Forward" by Wonder
4) Welcome06" by Si Begg
5) "Animal Attraction" by MC Zulu
6) "Slow Moe" by Subscape
7) "Fiasco" by Triad
8) "It's Yours" by Ellis Dee & amp
9) "Hope & Torture" by ILS
10) "Cyberia" by Ghosthack